An In-Depth Examination of Franco's "Bound 2" Parody

seeing double

We offer a sophisticated side-by-side film analysis of James Franco and Seth Rogen's "Bound 2" parody video.

Nov 26, 2013 | 10:40 PM

Less than a week after Kanye released his racy video for "Bound 2," Seth Rogen and James Franco teamed up to nail this perfect spoof of it—featuring Franco as Kanye and Rogen playing the role of, um, Kim Kardashian. Aside from those minor differences, though, the recreation is EERILY spot-on.

The flora and fauna are a perfect match:

And somehow they found the exact same eagle flying around.

Like Kanye, James has himself a pretty nifty motorcycle...

…and Mr. Franco's dance moves—they're SO familiar, yet I can't place them.

A sexy passenger comes along for the ride.

And seriously, which one is Kim and which one is Seth? It's LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to tell, those sexy glares are equally fierce!

Things get really hot, almost NSFW hot…

Oh, and best of all, there is this insanely clever update on the song title:

Well done, gentlemen!

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