Blake Lively Has a Run-In With Some Bees—on Her Birthday


Blake Lively describes her birthday nightmare (and a deep revelation).

Aug 29, 2014 | 09:34 PM

Blake Lively’s 27th birthday garnered some serious buzz—and we mean buzz as in bees.

In a blog entry on her new website, Preserve, the actress reveals that she was literally attacked by a swarm of bees just one day before her August 25 birthday. She documents the entire painful experience, writing: "I felt an electric shock of energy—was it excitement that I was about to turn another year older? Was it nerves? Why did it feel like agony? I like getting older... I think."

She continues, "But this felt terrible. Does your butt quite suddenly (and painfully) deflate when you turn 27? Because mine hurt like hell… then my neck, back, legs, and forehead. And oh, my hands! They were shriveling. It felt like I was being shot by dozens of tiny invisible darts. I felt like the Wicked Witch, melting, melting, burning, melting."

That doesn't sound like a very happy way to spend your birthday. But Lively tried to make the best of the situation, turning to baking and cake decorating as a sort of "therapy" and as a way to pass the time as she healed. And in the process, she says she discovered something meaningful:

"It wasn’t until I covered the counters in coordinating candy sprinkles that I stopped to acknowledge: my butt will deflate more and more, my hands will shrivel and permanently prune, but I will never, ever grow up. It took a swarm of bees to remind me that a b-day is nothing but a number. Each day I choose my age."

Well said, Blake!

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