Matthew Morrison's Early Xmas Present: The Q&A


The "Glee" star celebrates the holidays with a new album.

Nov 25, 2013 | 03:31 PM

Matthew Morrison is spreading holiday cheer. The Emmy, Tony, and Golden Globe-nominated performer and "Glee" star has officially released his new holiday EP, "A Classic Christmas," available now. From original crooners to holiday classics, Matthew hits every note on this six-song album.

He gave WhoSay an early holiday present: a Q&A about fond Christmas memories and the lasting impression "Glee" has left on him. Give it a read, and buy the album today!


WhoSay: What is your fondest Christmas/holiday memory?
Matthew Morrison: One Christmas, in particular, I remember walking into the family room and hearing "I'll Be Home For Christmas" on the stereo and being dwarfed by a huge blow-up dinosaur as one of my gifts. The size alone of this present amazed me, as it challenged the tree as the focal point of the room.  I don't remember playing with it after Christmas morning (how can you play with a 6 ft. T-Rex?), but I do remember how in awe I was to see it.  It may seem funny, but I can go back right to that moment whenever I hear that song.

WhoSay: You've been on "Glee" since the beginning. What makes you a fan of the show?
Matthew: If it's one thing that I am proud of the show for, it would be the positive impact it's had on so many people. The wide range of social topics that have been touched on throughout the seasons are REAL topics that REAL people go through every day. Yes, music is a main part of the show. But I think it's the issues and experiences the characters go through that translate so well with our audience.  I get messages every day from viewers telling me how an episode or a character has helped them overcome a problem they were facing, or in some extreme circumstances, saved their lives. If our show has that kind of an impact on our audience, I'd say it has been a huge success.


WhoSay: Any secrets to avoiding stressful relatives during the holidays?
Matthew: I don't know a family who doesn't witness a bit of stress around the holidays. That's just family! The only way to avoid the possibility of stressful relatives would be not to visit. But that takes away from the best part of the holidays—getting together with your loved ones. However, one way to keep the stress at bay is to offer a lot of food. Happy stomachs = happy people.

WhoSay: What's the best gift you've ever received?
I've had my share of great gifts, but some of the most memorable gifts I receive are from my fans. It's remarkable how talented they are. From paintings to snow globes, you name it. Here's an example of just how creative they are (see below). Thanks again, Kiyoko!


WhoSay: Can you show us a picture of your ugliest holiday sweater? Seriously, put it on.
Do Christmas sweater vests count (see below)?

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