Your Guide to Celebrity Selfies

Word of the Year

An encyclopedic look at the ubiquitous solo snapshot.

Nov 19, 2013 | 09:16 PM

Yesterday was a big day for the Internet: "Selfie," the omnipresent phenomenon of snapping a quick self-portrait, was awarded the distinct honor of being named Oxford Dictionary's "Word of the Year." Their definition, however, is a bit dry:

(n.) a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

We at WhoSay think there are many types of selfies—they are not just a static image, but a dynamic form of expression spanning multiple genres and celebrities. Here's a helpful breakdown.


Scenic selfie: when the background is just as important as the foreground.


Hoodie selfie: hiding one's hair below a hooded sweatshirt to draw focus to the face.


Hair selfie: the opposite.


Photobomb selfie: an attempt to capture a solitary or shared moment, interrupted by "some person" in the background.


#NoFilter selfie: resisting the urge to use readily available photo-manipulation software to improve upon a particular selfie.


Halloween selfie taken in the bathroom: seasonal.


Teaching parents how to take a selfie, selfie: an active demonstration of a selfie, featuring those who may not have heard of a selfie before.


Selfie-on-the-go: a selfie that waits for no one.


Baby's first selfie: a feat of multitasking.


Selfie in the morning: grabbing one's phone as soon as one wakes up for the most genuine of looks—see also "#NoFilter selfie."


Future selfie: capturing someone mid-selfie, building anticipation for aforementioned selfie once it surfaces.


No-face selfie: ew.

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