This L.A. Art Museum Just Won Snapchat

Bow Down

LACMA proved its pretty much the coolest museum ever.

Aug 22, 2014 | 10:01 PM

Los Angeles County Museum of Art wants to turn the notion that museums are boring on its head. And besides featuring some amazing pieces and installments, it also uses social media as its prime tool. 

LACMA, which is known as one of the coolest museums in all of L.A., may already be social media savvy—it has a Twitter and an Instagram—but its newest Snapchat takes the cake.

Yes, you can now get very special, supremely hilarious snapchats from an art haven. LACMA blends beautiful art, pop culture references, and buckets of sass to create the ideal Snapchat account. And you thought your crazy friend from college's photos were amazing.

We just can't wait to see more! But until then, check these out and make sure to add them at lacma_museum. 



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