Why Nolan Gerard Funk Is Not the Man of Your Dreams in "PopFan"

fatal attraction

With fans like Nolan Gerard Funk, Chelsea Kane doesn't need enemies.

Aug 22, 2014 | 06:59 PM

A young pop star's car breaks down during a storm in a secluded area. What could go wrong? The answer:Nolan Gerard Funk, a guy who in normal circumstances would have women chasing after him, but that in Lifetime's "PopFan" has Chelsea Kane trying to run from him as fast as she can. 

Nolan plays a seemingly good Samaritan who rescues Chelsea's famous character. Little does she know he's actually a mentally unstable and obsessed man who will try to keep her in captivity—and not just by using his good looks.

See some of the steamy stills shared by both Nolan and Chelsea so far. 






"PopFan" premieres Saturday on Lifetime. 

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