That Awesome Time Kellan Lutz Bonded With Simba

Gonna hear me roar

"The Expendables 3" actor bonds with some cool—and dangerous—cats for a good cause.

Aug 22, 2014 | 03:44 PM

Kellan Lutz has some new feline friends. Simba, Nala...and a cheetah?

"The Expendables 3" star recently paid a visit to Cat Haven in Dunlap, California, where some of the rarest cats in the world are cared for near King's Canyon National Park. There, Kellan bonded with some lions (who he called Simba and Nala, after the characters in "The Lion King"), a cheetah, and the human staff of the volunteer-powered 100-acre cat home.


"This one won't stop licking me and his tongue is sand paper," Kellan captioned the photo. "Love hurts—but so worth it!"


Sounds like he had a roaring good time with the big cats! And Cat Haven was happy to have him. 

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