Can Jimmy Fallon Beat 007 at Being James Bond?

Ultimate Challenge

Jimmy Fallon wanted to know if he could out-Bond Pierce Brosnan. So of course, he turned to gaming to do so.

Aug 20, 2014 | 09:43 PM

Jimmy Fallon just made the ultimate geek fantasy come true. 

"The Tonight Show" host challenged James Bond himself, Pierce Brosnan, to a Bond-off, proving once and for all who would be the ultimate 007. 

How could he do so, you might ask? By playing a Nintendo 64 video game from 1997 based off of Brosnan's Bond, "GoldenEye 007," of course. Unfortunately, Fallon had the upper hand, because the actor wasn't well-versed in gaming. But he soon picked it up, and his natural Bond kicked in.

See who won below:

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