Robert Pattinson Accepts Zac Efron's Ice Bucket Challenge


"I don't have Instagram so you're gonna have to deal with this."

Aug 20, 2014 | 09:36 PM

This has to be the most adorably awkward ALS Ice Bucket Challenge yet.

Robert Pattinson graciously accepted Zac Efron's Ice Bucket Challenge nomination, but since the "Twilight" star couldn't find a bucket, he and his pals were forced to resourcefully (and hilariously) improvise.

"Thanks for your nomination, Efron," Pattinson says in the video—posted to Zac's WhoSay profile since Pattinson isn't on social media—before his pals dump a water-less pot full of ice cubes over his head and then drench him with what looks to be a high-pressure hose. Ouch!

At that point, you'd think the mission had been accomplished. Well, think again. Pattinson's friends continue to spray the actor down and chuck ice cubes at him as he tries to name three nominees—Guy Pearce, Mia Wasikowska, and Marilyn Manson—to tackle the task next. We're pretty sure we saw a plastic red cup (or two or three) tossed at the star as well.

But you know what they say: No pain, no gain. Watch the video below.   

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