Miley Cyrus Does the "Rice Bucket Challenge," Because Miley

Switching it Up

Miley Cyrus took a unique approach to the Ice Bucket Challenge, obviously.

Aug 20, 2014 | 06:28 PM

Oh Miley, you're so punny.  

Just like with everything else in her life, Miley Cyrus decided to go against the grain and kook-ify the newest social media phenomenon: the Ice Bucket Challenge to support ALS awareness. We've seen countless celebrities do it, but what we definitely haven't seen yet is a "Rice Bucket Challenge." 

Yes, that means instead of pouring ice cold water, Miley and her brother Braison dumped a bowl of rice on their heads. 

At first you may think, "wow, this is a total cop out! That's not tortuous at all!"

But then you realize: there's rice everywhere. Everywhere. We'd rather not deal with cleaning that up, thank you very much.

But power to you, Miley. 

Cover image credit: Instagram/mileycyrus

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