That Time Aubrey Plaza Photobombed Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton

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We bet you didn’t know that was “Parks and Recreation” actress Aubrey Plaza sneaking up behind Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton in a master photobomb. We sure didn’t.

Aug 15, 2014 | 08:31 PM

Aubrey Plaza visited Conan O’Brien on the set of “Conan” to discussing plenty of things, including her epic Katy Perry/Hillary Clinton photobomb. The expert photobombing took place at Hillary Clinton’s book signing for her new memoir release, “Hard Choices.”

This was the photo, which Katy Perry proudly posted:

We guess no one really caught the shadowy figure lurking in the background! Conan asked if Plaza knew just what she was doing. “I love this photograph!” Conan said, laughing, “...your whole aura you’re putting up is fantastic!”

“...I saw them taking a picture, and it was a game-time decision that I made. Because I could tell there was sliver in between them,” Plaza said, while smirking.

Conan then asked her, “Was Katy Perry okay with this?”

“She was not psyched about it,” Plaza explained, “I was like, Katy, I like, totally photobombed your picture...and she was like, ‘Uh, why’d you do that?!’ and I was like, 'I don’t know. I just want you to like me!'”

The laughs continued when Plaza said, “And then I told Hillary and she was like, ‘I’m running for president; don’t tell anyone.”

We think the photobomb was perfect. There’s nothing like a creepy face popping up between a pop-star and a possible presidential candidate. Good job, Aubrey Plaza!

Watch Plaza discuss her creepy photobomb skills with Conan below:

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