Find Out Just How Much Goes Into Making a 3D "Futurama"

Cartoon Adaptation

Artist Alex Zakharov released a video showing the making of his now viral 3D rendition of "Futurama's" opening sequence.

Aug 15, 2014 | 09:04 PM

Last month, Alex Zakharov's impressive 3D "Futurama" fan art went viral. Now the artist revealed just how much detail went into creating his 30-second test animation clip

The behind-the-scenes video showed how he created the futuristic world by using a lot of layering techniques, along with manipulating a photo of Meryl Streep to create a realistic reincarnation of "Mom." 


Via: The Creator's Project

With the help of this new making-of video, Zakharov revealed exactly what goes into transforming the beloved cartoon into a high-concept masterpiece.

Watch the new clip and the final product below. 


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