Relive Robin William's Unforgettable "Friends" Cameo

Remembering Robin

Back in 1997, the late comedian made a hilarious cameo on hit NBC sitcom "Friends" alongside fellow comic Billy Crystal.

Aug 14, 2014 | 06:26 PM

Robin Williams and Billy Crystal were an undeniably hilarious duo together. Whether it was at a tennis match or the Academy Awards, they knew how to play off each other to bring the funny.

Crystal's reaction to his fellow comic's passing was simple and touching.

Back in 1997, Williams and Crystal made a hilarious cameo appearance on the hit NBC sitcom "Friends" to promote their not-so-hilarious movie, the forgettable "Father's Day."

The episode, called "The One With the Ultimate Fighting Champion," opens with the sextet sitting at their usual couch at coffee shop Central Perk...until Williams and Crystal show up and ask them to scooch over.

Courteney Cox's character Monica tries to tell her friends about what's been going on with her beau Pete (played by Jon Favreau), but Williams and Crystal's juicy and dramatic conversation on the other side of the couch keeps the gang distracted.

Check out the clip below. 

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