There's No Stopping Taylor Swift's "Ew!" Twin Natalie

never, ever, ever

Rice pudding? Ew.

Aug 14, 2014 | 05:32 PM

Sara with no "h" is back, and she's got a new, nerdy friend with her on the set of "Ew!"

Jimmy Fallon joins Taylor Swift, who plays her own dorky doppelgänger Natalie Benson, and loves eating apricots, drawing "Pegacorns" (a mix between a Pegasus and a unicorn, obvi), and sometimes likes to spend a lot of time building popsicle stick castles by herself...sometimes.

In typical "Ew!" form, the two discuss what's "ew" and what's not, like rice pudding, yield signs, and the iPhone's "airplane mode." And as for getting back together, obviously that's "Ew!" and never, ever, ever going to happen.

Check out the hilarious skit below:

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