Revisiting Robin Williams' Brilliant "Louie" Scene

In Memoriam

Let's flashback to Robin Williams' short, but memorable appearance on Louis C.K.'s FX comedy series.

Aug 12, 2014 | 03:46 PM

Yesterday, we lost comic legend Robin Williams. It's often hard to find bright spots in a sad time like this, but, two years ago, Williams did—on an episode of comedian Louis C.K.'s FX series "Louie."

The episode, called "Barney/Never," aired in August 2012 and feels a little eerie to describe now, but stay with us: Louie goes to attend a funeral of fellow comic Barney Ross, but the only other person who shows up to honor his memory is none other than Robin Williams.

Williams shows up in the black-and-white wordless funeral scene with his trademark beard for dramatic roles. Post-funeral, Louie and Williams retreat to a diner, where after making small talk they both realize that they didn't like Barney Ross all that much. They trade stories about the club owner, who was fictionally related to Williams and robbed him of a huge sum of money, while also stiffing other comics at his club on the regular. 

Even though Barney Ross wasn't very beloved, Louie and Williams decide to pay tribute to the man anyway at Sweet Charity, a strip club Barney always tried to get his friends to attend with him. One of the strippers asks the duo what they're doing there and they tell her it's to honor the now-deceased Barney.

And that's when the tears start to fall. Not just this stripper, but most of the strippers in the club cry for the incredibly generous Barney Ross, who made a family and a second home out of this strip club. The D.J. dedicates Night Ranger's "Sister Christian" to the dearly (to them) departed.

Outside the club, Louie and Williams have a good laugh about this darkly funny weird twist and even agree to attend each others' funerals ("Whoever dies first," Williams says).

No word from Louis C.K. yet on whether or not this promise was real, but Williams was a big fan of C.K., calling him "a combination of [George] Carlin and Richard Pryor."

Watch the scene below.

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