Listen to a 12-Year-Old Lorde Showing Her Chops

before they were famous

Lorde didn’t just explode on the scene. Turns out, she’s been incredible since, well, forever.

Aug 7, 2014 | 08:44 PM

Thank god for the internet, because now we can check out this little gem. Before Lorde was Lorde, she was Ella Yelich O’Connor, a 12-year-old singer in a band called And They Were Masked. As is the case now, Lorde’s adolescent sound was incredibly mature and sonically progressive, with unexpected, interesting melodies and philosophical lyrics.

Lorde Daily (a fan site) linked to the band’s Bandcamp, where listeners can hear Lorde’s gorgeous, languid vocals on two tracks: “Piece of Mind” and “Sands of John.”

The band, tagged under “multi-genre,” “instrumentalist,” and “popprogressive,” cities Fugazi, Battles, Mars Volta, and PJ Harvey as influences. Not surprisingly, you can really hear those influences in their sound. Lorde’s superstar style is evident: There’s a sense of the experimental, with pop sounds exploding through galloping, tribal rhythms. 

How interesting is that? With Lorde’s album “Pure Heroine” on everyone’s favorite playlist, it’s amazing to see her musical roots reflected in her music today, and even more incredible to see how talented and musically fluid she was at such a young age.

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