Why Is Victoria Beckham Donating 600 Pieces of Iconic Clothing?

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Victoria Beckham is selling 600 pieces of clothing for a tremendous global cause.

Aug 6, 2014 | 09:07 PM

Victoria Beckham has impeccable taste in fashion, that’s for sure. But she’s also compassionate and generous, which is why the fashion designer and former Spice Girl is donating 600 pieces of her clothing for auction.

Beckham is listing her prized posessions on The OutNet, Net-A-Porter's sister site, starting August 20. The sale will end August 25.

The money raised will go toward awareness efforts for mothers2mothers, a nonprofit organization that helps mothers living with HIV.

In a video released by The OutNet, Beckham explained her thoughts and vision for the auction.

"Every single piece that I have put in to be sold brought back a lot of memories. A lot of really, really happy memories of myself and David, of myself and the children, of different events that I've been to. A lot of these pieces have been made especially for me, by the designers; these haven't all have been bought off the shelf,” she said.

She mentions that she will save a few pieces for her daughter Harper, but that she really wanted to focus on raising money for the charity.

“For me, it was more important to raise money for this charity,” she says. “As a woman, we have a responsibility to really help and support other women.”

Watch the full video here:

Victoria Beckham, we love your vision and dedication this important cause!

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