Jessica Biel Is More Than Ready For “New Girl”

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Jessica Biel is gearing up for “New Girl” Season 4, and we’re as excited as she is.

Aug 6, 2014 | 07:04 PM

As Jessica Biel gets ready for her new role on Season 4 of "New Girl,” she’s been sharing some exciting photos as teasers. Jessica, who plays Kat (aka “the hottest scientist in the world who ends up competing with Jess (Zooey Deschanel) over a cute guy“) is excitedly getting ready for the season 5 of “New Girl.”

Here is Jessica’s trailer on set, complete with her character’s name on the door!

Jessica’s been preparing for her new role and excitedly sharing the fun with us here at WhoSay:

Jessica, you’re so glamourous (even with foil in your hair!) And here she shared the script for the comedy:            

We can’t wait to see just what is inside that script! We’re looking forward to seeing you bring all your awesomeness to “New Girl”!

“New Girl” airs again on September 16 on Fox.

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