What if "Game of Thrones" Had Its Own Children's Book?

westeros for kids

Artist Joey Spiotto transformed your favorite TV shows, movies, and music icons into storybook covers.

Aug 6, 2014 | 06:57 PM

Want to read an adorable storybook that doesn't necessarily have a happy ending? You know, like most pop culture stories that we consume today?

Thanks to artist Joey Spiotto, we can now see what our favorite movies and TV shows would look like if they were made as children's books. His adorable, yet bizarre project "Storytime" makes adult content kid-friendly—which is pretty disturbing, but totally amazing.  

These works of art are so cute that you forget how violent and rather inappropriate that the content really is. I mean, would you read your child a story of a cancer patient who becomes a powerful druglord? With these book covers, it would be tempting... 

You can see more of his work and pick up prints here (while they last, at least). 





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