Vince Vaughn’s “Delivery Man” Q&A Has Arrived

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The film’s star answered your Twitter questions about “Delivery Man” and, well, butts.

Nov 7, 2013 | 07:05 PM

Vince Vaughn is making his rounds. In anticipation of the Thanksgiving release of “Delivery Man,” Vince fielded fan questions about the movie on Twitter, speaking openly about the film, his mother, and wetting the bed at the age of 25. You know, typical Vince material. He was gracious with his time, as evidenced by the lively Q&A below. Take a look, and visit our Delivery Man page to learn more about the film.

@theCouponista: What inspiration did you pull from your family life when preparing for this film?
Vince Vaughn: As an actor, the best tool you have is your imagination, because you're not going to have all the experiences. But that being said, being a new father definitely cracked me open to a lot of the emotions that the character is going through. One of the fun things about the movie is [discovering] the hopes and fears parents have for their kids, and also for young people. I think it deals with different struggles you go through, and feeling so isolated—whether it's starting a new job or [going through] a break-up. You're not alone in dealing with these feelings.

@MichelleLevitan: Who of the cast makes you laugh the most?
Vince: @prattprattpratt was very funny, but not just in his performance, but in real life he has the ability to make people laugh in a very genuine way.

@philthemovieguy: What was one important thing you all took from the story itself?
Vince: Hard to say just one, but ultimately the movie is kind of about forgiving yourself for mistakes, accepting things about yourself and others, and connecting.

@ECLingsweiler: Favorite song of all time?
Vince: “Happy Birthday.” When it's my birthday.

 @la_story: What's the best #advice you've gotten from your #mom? :)
Vince: If you wet the bed, you're changing the sheets yourself. It was as true as when she first said it to me when I was four, and when she stopped when I was 25.

@Rangersfan66: Vince, has anyone told you lately that you’re money?
Vince: Yes, and you're money for asking.

@shantellylace: What is the meaning of life?
Vince: Whatever you think in your mind at this stage, let's go with that.

@IrishRed02: What's the biggest surprise you’ve ever experienced?
Vince: Graduating high school.

@tasalinas: Why aren't you on Twitter? Isn't this fun?
Vince: I want to keep it special. You guys are making it fun.

@SweetiesFree: If you could work with one actor/actress from @deliverymanfilm again, who would it be?
Vince: I would work with @prattprattpratt again in a movie called “Why Does This Backrub Hurt?”

@IanMontgomery86: Not a question but a compliment. My mother appreciated enjoying a film without excessive cursing and violence.
Vince: What's your mom's phone number?

@sweetpennies: What would you ask your 533 kids for Father's Day, David—er, Vince?
Vince: Not to ask me any questions.

@BethHoban: Loved the movie! You rocked it. How did you like working around all that meat?
Vince: @prattprattpratt is a friend of mine, please don't talk about him in that manner.

@merzibsuz: If you had only one hour to live, what would you do?
Vince: Find you and kill you.

@IvanDashSmith: Whats the deal with butts?
Vince: That’s the only body part I exercise everyday. I do 20 mins. on my ass, I rotate three exercises: the fire hydrant, touch sky, and—how long can I make this?

@chappy422: Who wins a wrestling match: Vaughn or Will Ferrell?
Vince: If me and the big cat are gonna wrestle in Speedos, no one loses.

@samamantha_: What was the first job you ever had?
Vince: Cleaning the base boards for my mom.

Vince: Thank you guys for your time and for checking in. Talk to you soon. And I'm not really going to kill @merzibsuz.

See “Delivery Man” in theaters on November 22, 2013.

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