Now You Can Have Your Selfie Burned on a Piece of Toast

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The future is here; the future is now. A toaster that imprints selfies onto bread exists.

Jul 21, 2014 | 10:08 PM

Have we taken the selfie craze too far?

Thanks to Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp.'s new invention, the Selfie Toaster, the answer is "yes." Well, we might have crossed the line, but it is in the most amazing way ever. 

Like with other weird modern trends, recently we have taken cultural phenomena to a new extreme (emoji yoga, anyone?). But this one might just take the cake—or the bread, if we want to be punny. Did you ever think you wanted your face on a piece of toast? No. Do you now? Completely. 

While it seems easy to make, as Mashable pointed out, the process of creating a toasted selfie isn't as easy as using your iPhone—it's actually quite complicated. But through sheer will and perseverance, the company, which is also known for making Jesus Toasters and other similar products, made their dream a reality, and finally gave us a way to eat our own faces. 

So let's all collectively wave goodbye to Instagram, because bread is our new medium to post selfies on now!

Cover image credit: Mashable/Galen Dively

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