The Dorky, Awesome Way "Mad Men" Celebrated Its Last Episode

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Star Christina Hendricks shares how the cast partied on their final episode night, and who's got a secret talent.

Jul 21, 2014 | 10:11 PM

The final season of "Mad Men" may still be months away, but the cast has already signed, sealed, and delivered their final episode.

Many people have wondered what the cast of the AMC hit might do to celebrate the end of their show. Would they have a costume party like "Breaking Bad"? Would they throw a big, swanky bash like "Lost"? Neither, apparently: It turns out that the bigwigs at Sterling Draper Cooper Pryce let their hair down in a way that might surprise people.

Star Christina Hendricks, who plays vibrant redhead Joan Holloway, told Vulture that in addition to partying for "about week straight," the cast enjoyed late-night musical sing-alongs—including songs from "Little Shop of Horrors," "Wicked," and "Frozen."

So who's got the hidden talents? "John Slattery is a very good singer. The first time I realized what a good singer he was was years ago on the show. He never talks about what a good singer he is, but then he'll just open his mouth and he's quite good," Christina shared.

Blooper reel, anyone? Well...we can always hope.

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