See the Wedding Gown Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Made for Their BFF

dream dress

Check out this dreamy lace gown stylist Molly Fishkin wore, designed by none other than the Olsens.

Jul 21, 2014 | 09:07 PM

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been working in fashion for years (before they created clothing lines for K-Mart, they launched The Row in 2006 and recently collaborated with Bik Bok) but now they’ve got bridal fashion on the mind. And why wouldn’t they? Mary-Kate Olsen and younger sister Elizabeth are both set to marry in the near future.

Their first foray into wedding design started with a friend, stylist Molly Fishkin. The twins designed a glorious wedding ensemble for Fishkin, who looked stunning wearing their romantic, bell-sleeved lace dream gown. Judging by the Olsen sisters' chic but earthy style, this dress was an aesthetic creation long in the making. Fishkin married producer and director Asher Levin.

Fishkin told Vogue, “The minute I got engaged, they said they would love to design my wedding dress. I was thrilled—their taste is impeccable, and I really trust them. They were always so calming and made the process incredibly enjoyable. I will never forget what they did for me. Designing my gown with them was the most exciting and emotional experience of my life.”

We love how gorgeous Fishkin's dress is and can't wait to see if the Olsen sisters will design their own wedding dresses or not. They definitely have an eye for beauty. What do you think of the Olsen's wedding design?

Cover image credit: Vogue/Heather Kincaid

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