This Is What Wolverine Looked Like as a Skinny Young Kid

way back when

Hugh Jackman shares a throwback post from his younger years.

Jul 18, 2014 | 09:40 PM

It’s hard to believe Hugh Jackman wasn’t always the super-buff action hero we know him as today. But this throwback snapshot posted by the strapping “X-Men” star on Instagram Thursday proves it: Wolverine was once just a skinny kid, too.

The old family photo shows a younger Jackman (left)—minus his now-famous physique—relaxing and sharing a drink with his family. In the caption, he writes: “THROW (WAY) BACK THURSDAY! With my Dad and Brother. Cheers. #notsolongago #sticks #lovinlife”

But if you ask us, even in his slimmer form, he’s still very darn cute. Plus, we all know who that skinny kid grows up to be.

This guy:

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