Duff Goldman Issues Sweet Challenge to Fans

ace the ace of cakes

Do you have what it takes to best the “Ace of Cakes”?

Nov 10, 2013 | 08:05 PM

Duff Goldman wants you to beat him at his own game. Literally. Just in time for Halloween, the Ace of Cakes host is promoting “Zombie Cupcake Attack!”, a videogame for iOS and Android available now.

The premise of the game is simple (and delicious): Annihilate an army of evil zombie cupcakes before they rain sugarcoated destruction down on earth. Using an arsenal of culinary weapons, you’ll slice, dice, and torch the sprinkle-covered undead into submission.

As an added incentive, Duff is issuing a challenge: He posted his high score in hopes that fans will out-attack the cupcake master himself. Victory never tasted so sweet.

Check out Duff’s high score, plus some screenshots from the game below.

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