Flower Beards: The Hot New Facial Hair Trend

it's a thing

If you thought beards were going away this summer, think again.

Jul 15, 2014 | 09:45 PM

I kid you not; men are putting flowers in their beards

The new trend, started last year by Pierce Thiot's "Will It Beard" photo project, is all the rage on Tumblr—where blogs such as "FYFlowerBeard" post submissions of thick-bearded men with elaborate floral arrangements attached to their facial hair.   



It is still unclear when Thiot's LEGOApple headphones, and Cheetos-beards evolved into Tumblr's almost exclusively floral accessories, but Bored Panda suggests the beard-oriented blogger wasn't the first one experiencing with this trend. In fact, one of the posts they shared is the photo of a guy—presumably from 1977—who was already rocking the trend decades earlier it was cool.  

What do you think of flower beards—yay or nay?     

Cover image credit: Tumblr/FYFlowerBeards 

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