Nikki Reed in Nashville: We Dare You to Keep Up

Music City

Fresh off the set of her movie "The Sunday Horse," actress Nikki Reed made a whirlwind visit to Nashville, Tennessee for a new single—and a new hairdo.

Jul 14, 2014 | 05:18 PM

Now that she's done filming "The Sunday Horse," what's Nikki Reed to do? She headed to good ol' Music City—Nashville.

It's been a busy week for the "Twilight Saga" actress, with production on her latest feature film wrapping up last week in Georgia, and her album with Paul McDonald being released the day after. Their joint album, "I'm Not Falling," is currently rocking online sales. How exciting!


"I feel like through the process of writing and recording the album, we both grew significantly as songwriters and collaborators," Paul said. "It's been amazing watching Nikki grow as singer and discover a new confidence as an artist. Right now our passion for this project couldn't be stronger. We're planning on booking a tour soon. And we've already decided to start working on new songs and return to the studio in the next few months."

Before heading back to Los Angeles, Nikki stopped in the Tennessee capital to see Paul and work on new songs. She signed posters, discussed upcoming music shows, and recorded a quick demo for their song "I Can't Say So." 


She even stopped at the hair salon to go back to brunette, after spending some time as a blonde for "The Sunday Horse."

Finally, she made it back to L.A. and did what any good Angeleno does: Soak up the sun at farmers' market under the palm trees. Nikki also watched "Dancing With the Stars'" Mark Ballas perform at the Sayers Club.


It sounds like Nikki won't be slowing down any time soon!

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