The Most Accurate Description of the Brazil v. Germany World Cup Game

FIFA World Cup

Germany completely destroyed Brazil in their recent World Cup game. Here's a short-but-sweet video that embodies the match perfectly.

Jul 9, 2014 | 07:01 PM

There's only one word to describe the recent World Cup match between Germany and Brazil—"ouch."

The monumental game, in which Germany beat out home team Brazil 7-1, has shocked the world, and, of course, given birth to a myriad of memes. This one is arguably the best and most accurate of the bunch. 

Too soon?

I mean we are fans of beer too, but seeing that lovely mixed drink get absolutely crushed by the German treat brought back bad memories for those of us who were fans of Team Brazil. Guess it's time to trade in tapioca for bratwurst. 

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