Austin Mahone Speaks Spanish Like a Boss With Oriol Sabat

hola españa

Austin Mahone stopped by Spanish presenter Oriol Sabat's radio show "No te Cortes" to promote his album "The Secret" and meet and greet Spanish Mahomies.

Jul 7, 2014 | 05:44 PM

Hola, Austin. 

The "MMM Yeah" singer recently visited Spain where he was interviewed by Spanish presenter Oriol Sabat on Los 40 Principales' popular radio show "No te Cortes."   

"Buenos dias" (good morning) and "te amo" (I love you), Austin said when Oriol asked him—via fans on Twitter—if he'd learned any Spanish words during his trip. Austin, who had just been in Germany and Italy, added that he'd been impressed the most with his beautiful fans. 

See the video below to learn what Austin did with his first paycheck and what it was like to work with Pitbull.  

Austin Mahone Live on Tour with the Vamps kicks off on July 25 in San Antonio, Texas.  

Check out Austin's "MMM Yeah" featuring Pitbull.  

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