We Dare You to Keep Up With Sports Reporter Rachel DeMita

she be ballin'

Spend a whirlwind three days with the beautiful sports reporter as she covers the 2014 NBA draft, attends the Steve Nash Foundation Showdown, and takes New York City by storm.

Jul 3, 2014 | 07:02 PM

Sports reporter Rachel DeMita managed to pack a week's worth of action into a just a few days on a whirlwind trip to New York City. While for most visitors this would mean a visit to Rockefeller Center or the Empire State Building, Rachel covered the 2014 NBA Draft, attended the Steve Nash Foundation Showdown, played ball at Carmelo Anthony's court, kicked a soccer ball around with Jonathan Spencer, and hung out with Bleacher Report host Lance Fresh. We got tired just typing that sentence.

Check out her action-packed trip below and just try to keep up, ok?

"Starting in LA... I had a video shoot for YouTube Nation at YouTube Space LA."


"After the shoot, I went straight home to pack and head to the airport for a red eye to NYC."


 "On my playlist for the trip is Trey Songz new album, Trigga."


"Landing in NY at 7am... my first order of business is McDonald's breakfast! I get 2 egg McMuffins (no meat, I'm a vegetarian) and an iced coffee."


 "After breakfast I headed to my agent's house on Long Island."


"After getting 3 hours of sleep, I had to get showered and ready for my first day of meetings."


"My first meeting of the trip was with Vice in Brooklyn."



"I had to stop by Chop't while I was on the east coast... I missed these salads!"


"I felt like I spent $300 on taxi rides for all the different meetings and events I had this week.. on this ride, I was heading to CBS for a meeting!"


 "...and I think I got McD's iced coffee just about everyday."


"My favorite part of the trip was playing at Terminal 23, Carmelo Anthony's court."


"The pro players at the gym were surprised that I could palm a men's sized basketball... any professional that plays at the gym signs their name on this canvas behind me."


"The design of the court is one of the coolest I've seen."


"I even got a new pair of Jordan's while I was there!"


"Another fun event I went to was the Steve Nash Foundation Showdown where professional basketball and soccer players joined for a charity soccer game."


"I kicked a soccer ball around with Soccer star Jonathon Spector."


"I also met Bleacher Report host, Lance Fresh."


"Even though I've never played soccer before, I decided to try my goalie skills."


"I curled my hair (which is rare for me) on draft day... so I decided to take a selfie. Draft night was so fun, I forgot to take photos!"


"My last night in New York!"


"Wearing my Free Flyknit 4.0 and Nike Leg-A-See Leggings on the plane back to LA... My Nike Elite Basketball backpack and leopard print Vans backpack were my carry-ons."


"With the sunrise, I'm wheels-up to LA! 'Til next time, NYC!"

Thanks for sharing your day with us, Rachel!

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