Sofia and Reese Look Gorgeous for Last Scenes of “Don’t Mess With Texas”

final shots

Between the flowers and the smiles, these two leading ladies know how to have fun on set.

Jul 2, 2014 | 09:56 PM

Sofia Vergara was all smiles on the set of “Don’t Mess With Texas,” and how could she not be? The cast has always had tons of fun since they started filming in beautiful New Orleans in May.

After getting her lovely brunette locks done, she was ready to pose for the cameras, cheerfully readying for the last scene.

And there was Reese Witherspoon, who glowed in the sunlight while wearing a colorful floral crown. She wrote, “Coming to save the day @SofiaVergara !!”

We bet that’s true, especially after seeing how much Sofia and Reese have bonded on set. We’re looking forward to seeing Reese come to Sofia's rescue!

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