Oh Bother! Real-Life Pooh Bear Gets Stuck in Cookie Jar

Tough Cookie

A cute little bear cub in New Jersey got its head stuck in a cookie jar, just like Winnie the Pooh.

Jul 2, 2014 | 07:52 PM

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Not me, not you—it was probably this bear cub.

This adorable little 6-month old bear cub in Ringwood, N.J., found an animal crackers jar while rummaging through some garbage (score!)—and then he got his tiny head stuck in the jar while eating what was left inside (oh bother!). Just like beloved cartoon bear Winnie the Pooh has done before.

Winnie the Pooh stuck in jar
Once the cute NJ bear was stuck inside, he understandably became frightened, and climbed 40-feet up a tree—then he got stuck there, too. Poor little guy.

But New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection was able to save the day! A biologist sedated the 28-pound bear cub and it was brought down from the tree. Firefighters gently cut the jar off its head.

We're so glad everything worked out for the bear cub! We also can't help but think this little guy is Winnie the Pooh come to life.

Winnie the Pooh honey jar
Winnie the Pooh eating honey jar

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