Ben Folds: "Music Won't Survive in Condo City" (UPDATE)


The famous pianist rallies to save the historical buildings in "Music City"—Nashville, Tennessee.

Jul 2, 2014 | 03:36 PM

It's happening all over the country: historical landmarks and legendary cultural hubs are being torn down in favor of commercial and real estate development. But Ben Folds isn't letting his RCA Studio A go down without a fight.

Ben's RCA Studio is part of Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee—the center of Music City and is home to record labels, recording studios, publishing companies, and countless other businesses involved in the country, gospel, and contemporary Christian music industries.

On Monday morning, Ben hosted a rally to protest the sale of the building that houses his RCA studio. Ben's studio is located next to the RCA Studio B, which has been the recording studio for musicians like Elvis, Dolly Parton, the Strokes, Roy Orbison, Willie Nelson, and the Everly Brothers, just to name a few.

The event was so important to him that he even rescheduled his tour to make time to be in Nashville on June 30. To raise awareness for the event, Ben shared an open letter on Facebook about the importance of the cause.

"Music City – from our elected leaders, business and community leaders, and those from all facets of our industry – should work more closely together to protect Music Row from destruction," Ben wrote on a Facebook post. "If we do not succeed in preserving the very foundation that has allowed Nashville to be the ONLY city in the U.S. built on music, how long before people stop coming here to live in Music City’s high rise condos? Condos in Music City make sense, but music won’t survive in Condo City."

Click here to read Ben's entire open letter about #SaveMusicRow.

In response to the outpouring of support to maintain the integrity of the district, the site's prospective developer, Tim Reynolds, told Ben that he would only go forward with plans to purchase the building if the historic studio would be preserved.

UPDATE: Ben just shared another open letter on Facebook in response to questions about why he doesn't purchase the property himself, writing, "I’m a touring recording artist and not a developer or real estate mogul. Four million plus clams is well out of my range."

Click here to read Ben's entire open letter.

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Ben Folds
Ben Folds - Not sure how one posts a video of a Billy Preston classic these days! The other post ends up selling an app!  Sorry!

Not sure how one posts a video of a Billy Preston classic these days! The other post ends up selling an app! Sorry!



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