"Pitch Perfect 2": Pentatonix Goes After the Barden Bellas

Sing Off

A capella heavyweights Pentatonix will go head-to-head with Barden Bellas in the upcoming movie "Pitch Perfect 2."

Jun 26, 2014 | 04:23 PM

Heads up, a capella fans! Pentatonix is joining the cast of "Pitch Perfect 2" and are going to be some fierce competition for Team Bellas.

The sequel, which marks Elizabeth Banks' directoral debut, follows the a capella sweethearts in Barden Bellas during their senior year of college. Obviously there's going to be some flawless singing, and the fact that supergroup Pentatonix, who famously won the third season of NBC’s "The Sing-Off," is going to be their competition means that everyone will be stepping up their game. 

Pentatonix member Scott Hoying told Entertainment Weekly, “We’re wearing some pretty interesting things. You can definitely tell it’s the five of us, but what we’re wearing and who we’re portraying is definitely not Pentatonix.” Fellow member Mitch Grassi added, “you’re going to love it.”

There's no real word on the group's role yet, but we do know that they will be performing, and it will undoubtably be great.

The film is set to burst into theaters on May 15th 2015. 

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