"OITNB's" Natasha Lyonne Goes From Litchfield to Brooklyn

Prison Breakout

"OITNB" star Natasha Lyonne will make a guest appearance on the fourth season of "Girls."

Jun 25, 2014 | 09:02 PM

Natasha Lyonne is heading down from Litchfield to Williamsburg for the newest season of "Girls."

Known for her stand-out portrayal of Nicky Nichols on "Orange is the New Black," Lyonne is set to make a guest appearance on Lena Dunham's wildly popular show for its upcoming fourth season. Although there isn't much information about her role as of yet, TV Line reported that her character's name will be Rickey. 

Other actors who are going to be featured on "Girl's" new season are Gillian Jacobs, Jason Ritter, and Zachary Quinto. The new season of "Girls" comes out early next year.

Cover image credit: Facebook/Natasha-Lyonne

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