Jenny Slate Is Bringing Back "Marcel the Shell"

Internet to Big Screen

Jenny Slate announced that she is making "Marcel the Shell With Shoes On" into a full-length movie.

Jun 25, 2014 | 08:26 PM

It looks like the adorable internet sensation Marcel the Shell is about to waddle back into our hearts with a new full-length movie

The "Obvious Child" actress Jenny Slate, the voice and co-creator of "Marcel the Shell With Shoes On" with Dean Fleischer-Camp, is creating a film based on the original webseries. "Marcel" follows a tiny shell as he talks about his hopes and dreams, along with commenting on how small he is. It's both hilarious and utterly cute.

Not only have the YouTube clips become a smash hit, but Slate and Fleischer-Camp also released a book based on the series, which ended up being a New York Times bestseller.

Apparently the movie will feature more of Marcel's antics, as well as a collection of brand new songs. While there is no set date for the film yet -- Marcel does move very slowly because of his size, after all--we are already excited to be charmed by our favorite miniscule sea creature soon. 

Check out the original clips below: 


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