"Kill Bill" as a 1980s Video Game Is the Best Thing Since "Kill Bill"

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Even Quentin Tarantino would love to see "Kill Bill" retold as an 8-bit Animated Video Game.

Jun 25, 2014 | 06:19 PM

Revenge is a dish best served cold...and now, as an 8-bit animated video game. 

A new version of Quentin Tarantino's classic "Kill Bill" films has been unveiled by CineFix, retelling the film saga that stars Uma Thurman in the form of a two-minute 8-bit animated video game

Written and animated by David Dutton, the brilliant clip summarizes both of Tarantino's films as it follows The Bride/Black Mamba through the most iconic (and bloody) scenes of this martial arts-inspired blockbuster.

Check it out, and don't forget to leave your comments below.   

Cover image credit: YouTube/CineFix 

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