See the First Trailer for Maggie Gyllenhaal's "The Honorable Woman"

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See the trailer for Maggie Gyllenhaal's espionage thriller "The Honourable Woman," which will premiere July 31 on SundanceTV.

Jun 20, 2014 | 09:29 PM

Maggie Gyllenhaal is coming to SundanceTV, and it looks thrilling. 

In the new trailer for the upcoming SundanceTV espionage thriller "The Honorable Woman," we see Maggie step into the shoes of Nessa Stein, a Zionist arms dealer's daughter, who finds herself stuck in the middle of a conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians.

The eight-part miniseries follows Maggie's character as she takes over her father's business and is being investigated by British Secret Intelligence Service. Directed and written by BAFTA winner Hugo Blick, "The Honorable Woman" co-stars Stephen Rea, Lindsay Duncan, and Janet McTeer.

Watch the chilling preview below. 


"The Honorable Woman" premieres July 31 on SundanceTV.

Cover image credit: IndieWire 

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