The GIFs That Put All Other GIFs to Shame

21st Century Art

Designer and stop-motion animator Micaël Reynaud has made some of the most beautiful GIFs ever created.

Jun 20, 2014 | 04:00 PM

Stop-motion animator and designer Micaël Reynaud has made some stunning pieces of art, but a very unconventional way. His medium? GIFs.  

The use of GIF, a computer-generated image format, has become one of the internet's biggest trends in recent years. Even though they've been around for a long time, GIFs have picked up speed in the last few years thanks to meme sites like Imgur, Reddit, and Tumblr. But Reynaud has combined these online images with high art, and created something magical that is distinctly 21st century.

Reynaud creates his GIFs by using slit-scan, time-lapse and masking techniques, and as many as 100 images. His work is critically acclaimed—he won the Saatchi Gallery Motion Photography competition and the 2014 Giphoscope International Art GIF contest.

Through his body of work, Reynaud proves that GIFs are more than just a Buzzfeed-esque form of communication and can truly be high art. 

Here's a collection of some of his amazing work: 









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