Landon Donovan Pokes Fun at Himself

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Landon Donovan pokes fun at himself by playing the official 2014 FIFA World Cup video game and singing "I'm not going to Brazil."

Jun 18, 2014 | 09:47 PM

Talk about being a good sport.

After being dropped from the United States Men's National Team in a controversial move by coach Jurgen Klinsman, all-time U.S. leader in goals and assists Landon Donovan is poking fun at himself in a new commercial for EA Sports.

The Los Angeles Galaxy withdrawn forward, who recently scored a gig as an ESPN World Cup commentator, is seen playing the official 2014 FIFA World Cup video game while singing "I'm not going to Brazil"—a play off the American Outlaws chant "We are going to Brazil." 

Watch the ad below.  

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is being held through July 13. For a full TV schedule, click here.

Cover image credit: YouTube/EASportsFIFA 

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