Dave Chappelle: Before Kanye Was Kanye

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The comedian opens up on "The Tonight Show" about celebrity life and social media.

Jun 16, 2014 | 06:51 PM

Dave Chappelle is making the late night rounds.

The comedian stopped by “The Tonight Show” last night and held his own, leaving the crowd roaring with laughter as he bantered with Jimmy Fallon about his experiences with social media and his personal life.

“I’m nervous! Last time I saw you, you weren’t nearly this famous,” Chappelle joked to Fallon, before launching into his own celebrity stories. He touched on the first time he met The Roots—as well as when he met Kanye West, before he became a known star and the husband of a Kardashian.

“You could tell he was going to be a star. It was like Mohammed Ali in Olympic Village,” Chappelle said. “You just knew he was gonna get the gold.”

Thankfully, Chappelle stayed away from the circumstances surrounding his departure from "Chappelle’s Show," which was a topic of discussion when he appeared on David Letterman earlier this week.

Watch the video below:

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