5 Best Posts From Peter Griffin's Instagram

(not) hot dog legs

Did you know "Family Guy's" Peter Griffin is on Instagram? Though he probably won't make the Hot-Dog Legs Tumblr.

Jun 16, 2014 | 06:16 PM

Peter Griffin is on a roll.

After going toe to toe with none other but 2014 CFDA Style Icon Fashion Award recipient Rihanna, the "Family Guy" star is now conquering your social feeds—one post at a time—with his recently inaugurated Instagram account

And though his posts probably wouldn't make the (in) famous Tumblr Hot-Dog Legs—the patriarch of the Griffin clan still has some awesome Instagram posts. Here are five of them. (For more posts visit Peterpumkineater69 on Instagram.)

1. (Not so) Hot-Dog Legs: 

2. Drive-by mooning: 

3. One of these things is not like the others 

4. A little candy never hurt anyone, even if it's the kids' Easter stash 

5. Mother's Day brunch? 

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