Samuel L. Jackson Can Still Scare You With His “Pulp Fiction” Speech

remember that?

The actor shows off his memorization chops on “Graham Norton.”

Jun 16, 2014 | 05:15 PM

Samuel L. Jackson is known for his colorful vocabulary, but he’s also known for playing some of the most influential pop culture characters—such as “Pulp Fiction's" Jules Winnfield.

Recently, Jackson visited BBC’s “The Graham Norton Show.” Norton always brings out the best in his guests, and Jackson was no exception—he put him on the spot to recite the memorable “Ezekiel 24:17” speech from the film that made him famous.

While certain roles stay fresh in our minds, that’s not always the case for the actors that play them. Fortunately, the passage of time hasn't been an issue for Jackson, who passed the test with flying colors. And even though he doesn’t have the afro or the gun, he still sounds pretty damn good.

Watch Jackson perform the speech in the video below.

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