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"Game of Thrones" maestro George R.R. Martin talks about what is sorely missing in the HBO series—extra airtime. (WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS.)

Jun 12, 2014 | 07:24 PM

George R.R. Martin, "A Song of Ice and Fire" and "Game of Thrones" creator, is famous for unceremoniously murdering his beloved characters. However, he recently announced that one thing he wished he could see more of on the HBO series is more time to watch his characters to grow on screen. 

Martin told the New York Times that he wishes that the program was extended to 13 episodes instead of the current 10. Seeing that the season finale airs this weekend, we wholeheartedly agree. 

What exactly does he want to see expanded? He said, “we could include smaller scenes that we had to cut, scenes that make the story deeper and richer.”

He gave the example of a cut scene between Sansa and Arya during Season 1. Martin said that he "misses the scene because it adds texture and helps establish early on the characters of and relationship between the sisters."  

On their way to Kings Landing before everything really went down, the two got in a little tiff about what was a more important use of Arya's time—dining on some lemon cakes and tea with the Queen or looking for rubies with the butcher's boy (R.I.P.). Although the scene never aired, we do get a taste of it during Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner's audition tapes. Watch the scene that Martin was dying to see make it on the show below:

Seeing how high the show's budget is, it would be extremely difficult for "Game of Thrones" to expand. But we can dream.

Cover image credit: Youtube/ExploreWesteros

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