Seth Rogen and James Franco Take on Kim Jong-un in "The Interview"

assassination plot

James Franco and Seth Rogen play celebrity tabloid guys turned CIA agents in "The Interview."

Jun 12, 2014 | 03:04 PM

It seems Seth Rogen and James Franco are following in the footsteps of Dennis Rodman.

The actors are starring in "The Interview," a comedy film about entertainment journalists-turned-CIA agents whose mission is to meet (and kill) North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.  

But is the new Franco and Rogen project based on the former NBA player's visits to the real Kim Jong-un? Hardly.

"[Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg] wrote a version of this script before Rodman went to North Korea," Franco said. "And then as this movie went into pre-production, Rodman started going over there. So it was a very strange coincidence that I think ultimately will make this movie somehow more legitimate," he added.

"The Interview" is set to premiere in theaters on October 10.  

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