If "Mean Girls" Were a 1980s Video Game

So Fetch

Relive all your favorite "fetch" moments in this 8-bit YouTube video game version of the classic teen comedy.

Jun 12, 2014 | 03:20 PM

Think "Mean Girls" is "so fetch," even 10 years later? Then you're gonna love this 80s video game version of the classic teen comedy.

CineFix released "Mean Girls" as the latest game in their series of 8-Bit "gamified" movies, which have also included "Anchorman," "The Amazing Spider Man," and "Fight Club."

The video takes you through North Shore High as protagonist Cady Heron, RPGing through the halls to find friends, win Aaron's heart, and defeat those nasty Plastics.

Unfortunately, you can only watch Cady send candygrams, write in the Burn Book, and make Regina George's face smell like a foot, but our favorite quotes make guest appearances. We wish we could really play this video game!

Watch—and quote along with—the game version below!

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