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Part nine of Paul Feig's sartorial tour of the press junket.

Oct 11, 2013 | 04:03 PM

[Paul Feig's daily travel journal continues. To see what all the fuss is about, download "The Heat" in digital HD today, or pre-order it on DVD or Blu-Ray, available October 15.]

June 17th – Lots of fun at the parties. The Gieves and Hawks event was in an art gallery and featured models standing around the edges of the party wearing the collection. I really liked a lot of what they were showing. There were bold colors and patterns but done in a very classic 1960s style. I particularly liked a pink window pane two piece and a lavender three piece that had gray trousers, which I thought was a cool way to do it, having the pants a different color from the vest and jacket. I also really enjoyed a brown plaid two-piece that was cut very slim. I have a sad feeling that a 50-year-old me in that suit might look a bit odd but if you're younger and thinner, I think it's a smashing look. Yes, that's right. I said "smashing."  I'm in London, for Pete's sake!

I had the distinct pleasure of running into one of my heroes, Mr. Nick Sullivan, whom of you Esquire readers may know well. I got to share a meal with Nick last year, along with one of my other heroes, Mr. David Granger, the editor of Esquire (yes, I'm dropping a lot of names right now—wouldn't you?), and Nick is a delightful chap. He introduced me to the designer of the Gieves and Hawks collection. I really get a kick out of meeting and being around people in the men's fashion industry. I very rarely am and so feel extra cool when I get to meet the people who design the looks I like. It's a nice break from dealing with show business all the time. Not that I'm complaining. I love my job and feel insanely lucky to be able to do what I do. I never forget the years when I wasn't doing well and so appreciate every minute of my life, even the difficult ones. The minute I lose perspective and start really complaining about being in show business, feel free to give me a swift kick to the nuts. But that said, sometimes it's nice to get away from it for a while. (Here comes that shot to the nuts!)

From there, my wife and I headed over to Duke's Hotel bar, since it was right down the street. Any excuse for a Duke's martini, I will take. This time I had them make it with my new favorite gin, Sipsmith, which is distilled in Britain. It falls nicely between Hendrick's and Berry Bros. No. 3. They also let me try a taste of another newer British gin, Sacred. Its main herbal is frankincense and it had quite an interesting taste. I liked it a lot. But the Sipsmith stayed at the top of my list. If you're a fan of Oxley gin, this is very similar to that. Not too ginny but not too weak, they're both great for martinis that don't overpower you. As much as I love my Berry Bros. No. 3, it can sometimes send a chill up your spine if you don't have some nice salty nuts or potato chips to snack on with it.

After Duke's, we headed over to the Esquire party at Number 5 Hartford with my aforementioned friend who is a founding member and his wife and got there right as it was starting, which turned out to be a good thing because the party quickly filled up. I personally like getting to parties like this on time—we can grab a good table, which we can then base out of as the party gets more and more packed. I had the very happy fortune of running into one of my other style heroes, Mr. Patrick Grant, owner of the Savile Row bespoke house Norton and Sons. Patrick and I did an internet video for GQ when I was in London a couple of years ago, in which he showed me around Norton and Sons and walked me through the entire bespoke process. He was my first real exposure to the behind-the-scenes world of men's handmade suits, and I will always be grateful to him for that. He's an incredibly stylish guy and very nice.

He and I then met up with Nick Sullivan and Josh Peskowitz, who is the men's fashion director for Bloomingdale's. It was a slice of men's style heaven, hanging with these well-dressed, well-spoken guys at a very classy club surrounded by other well-dressed men and women. Call me what you want but when things are all in sync like that, the world looks just seems a little classier. It doesn't always have to be like this but when it is, it's really nice to enjoy it and strive to make life that way more often.

Suit worn: My gray three-piece Anderson and Sheppard with a lavender Anto shirt and purple Ralph Lauren Black Label tie. Yes, I'm getting into the repeat suits phase of the trip. My Anderson and Sheppards will be making several more appearances before this press tour is over. You've been warned.

I woke up this morning to something that I found quite thrilling, and that was that British GQ picked me as one of the ten most stylish men of the London Collection so far this week. My second shout out from them. I couldn't be more honored. When you spend as much time and money as I do on trying to look good, there's nothing cooler than the occasional bit of appreciation. After 13 years of having people in Los Angeles ask me, "Why you all dressed up?," I'm a sucker for an actual compliment from people I look up to. Many thanks to Andy and Oliver from British GQ for granting me my second appearance in a week. I've got that spicy new plum Thom Sweeney three-piece ready to go for the New York premiere of "The Heat." Any interest in giving me the hat trick, fellas? (See, it's never enough. God, I'm a greedy asshole.)

Today, we're taking a private plane to Berlin. Yes, that's right. A private plane. And when I say "we," I mean my wife and Ms. Sandra Bullock and her team and I. (More name dropping.) I've only been on a private plane a couple of other times and I have to say (as if you didn't know), it's an awesome way to travel. (Especially if someone else is paying for it. Thanks again, Fox!)  The plane was beautiful and the flight was way too short. Each time I've been on a private plane, I've wanted to journey to last about 48 hours. I really feel like James Bond sitting in the big leather seat holding a glass of champagne and listening to LCD Sound System on my iPod. (Not sure if James Bond would listen to LCD but he should.)  In these situations, I always force myself to remember that life is seldom like this and to not get used to it, since in real life we all have to fly commercially. But, man, if I ever become a billionaire ...

Only been to Berlin once before and it was only for 12 hours. It was on the "Bridesmaids" press tour and we literally landed at midnight, went to our rooms and slept, got up, did press and then drove back to the airport. So, I'm excited that we actually have a couple of days here and the opportunity to have dinner twice. My favorite thing in the world is discovering new restaurants and so I'm ready for you, Germany. My friend Phil Rosenthal was kind enough to send me an article about the best restaurants in Berlin. Tonight, we have selected Fischers Fritz. It's in the Regent Hotel, which is around the corner from the hotel we'll be staying at, The Hotel de Rome. It sounds fantastic and tomorrow I shall let you know if it actually is.Paul Feig

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