Which "Modern Family" Character Are You?

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See if you fit the bill.

Oct 17, 2013 | 06:25 PM

Between the three households on "Modern Family," there are 11 people, each with tics and traits to call their own. Find out which family member you most closely relate to, and test the theory by watching "Modern Family" on USA Network five nights a week.

If you're like Phil Dunphy…

1. You find new and inventive ways to embarrass your kids.

2. You're not above acting like a big child.

3. You're infinitely quotable.

If you're like Claire Dunphy…

1. You've perfected your "I disapprove" face.

2. You have creative means of escape from the family, even if for just a minute.

3. When you do find time to unwind, you do it in style.

If you're like the Dunphy children...

1. You're fashion-forward.

2. You take comfort in knowing you're smarter than everyone.

3. Or you're goofy and unpredictable.

If you're like Gloria Pritchett…

1. You find a way to make every outfit work.

2. You're always camera-ready.

3. You roll with the punches—or, karate chops.

If you're like Jay Pritchett…

1. You dispense advice to everyone, whether they're listening or not.

2. You make curmudgeonly look cool.

3. You put family first (even if it means being nice to your wife's ex-husband).

If you're like Manny Delgado…

1. You're a snappy dresser.

2. You try everything, even if you're not great at it.

3. You have a way with words.

If you're like Mitchell Pritchett…

1. You think you're smarter than everyone, and go out of your way to get even smarter.

2. You can rock a tie for any occasion.

3. You avoid your family's craziness, and watch from a safe distance.

If you're like Cameron Tucker…

1. You're a serial optimist, even when those around you are not.

2. You don't just do something halfway—you give it your all.

3. You embrace every moment with dramatic flair.

If you're like Lily Tucker-Pritchett…

1. You're never afraid to express yourself.

2. You're mature and wise beyond your years.

3. But first and foremost, you never forget to be a kid.

Catch "Modern Family" on USA Network five nights a week.

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