Zac Efron, Looking Pretty as "Brittany" on "Fallon"

"tag meh!"

Jimmy Fallon, Seth Rogen, and Zac Efron dress up as girls, and it's even funnier than you'd imagine.

May 7, 2014 | 03:07 PM

Just when we thought Jimmy Fallon couldn't get any funnier, he brings us Zac a dress.

The "That Awkward Moment" star got all dolled up for his appearance on "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon," where he joined Jimmy Fallon and Seth Rogen in a hilarious skit called "Ew!"—a parody of a fictional "Teen Nick" series.

Jimmy plays Sara without an "h," because "Hs are ew!" and Zac stars as Brittany, a selfie-obsessed, hip-hop-loving, and booty-shakin' teen.

Is it just us, or does Zac look really pretty in that floral dress? Check out the ridiculous (and amazing) skit below:

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