Tom Hanks Sets Your Course for a Better Life

captain's orders

The "Captain Phillips" star dispatched wisdom to fans during his Reddit AMA.

Oct 10, 2013 | 06:28 PM

In the upcoming film "Captain Phillips," Tom Hanks's character weathers hazardous conditions when his ship is taken over by Somali pirates. At the actor's recent Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, Tom himself proved to be similarly unflappable, showing that he knows how to navigate the ebb and flow of everyday life. Here are some of Tom's guiding words from the AMA, helping fans out of treacherous waters.

MoonCoontheLoon: What is the most crucial advice for becoming an actor?

Tom Hanks: Show up on time. Know your lines. Have and idea of what to do in the scene. the rest will take care of itself.

audiblue: Mr. Hanks: Mustache tips. Go.

Tom: Shave it off.

limbride: Hi Mr. Hanks! I'm sad. :( Can you cheer me up ?

Tom: Sorry you are having a bad day. tomorrow will be better.

Swampfunk: Howdy Tom Hanks, I want you to know, I work for a major university and as part of our marketing strategy planning, we had to decide what type of celebrity our school wanted to be like. We chose you. That's how awesome you are, entire universities attempt to mold their students to be like you. With that being said, if you could go back in time to send one message to yourself at age 30, what would you say?

Tom: Floss more often.

corbs: Can I have $2m?

Tom: Sure. Invent something and sell 1 million of them for $2.

KingJigglypuff: Hi, Mr. Hanks. I'm having a hard time "closing the deal" with women. I'm really strong on the cold opening and I am able to keep them interested but when it come to asking for their phone number or asking them out on a date I have a hard time finishing the job. Do you have any advice on my problem or perhaps ways to make this initial step into a relationship smoother? (Cite your sources please.)

Tom: Be a gentleman and tell the truth and things might be better for you. And, mustache? Shave it off!

barry_punny: Aww dude! I forgot about your new movie! Looks fucking awesome!

Tom: Watch your language -- kids read this stuff!

"Captain Phillips" is in theaters Friday. Get your tickets today.

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